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The LN2T in brief

The "Laboratoire de Neuroanatomie et Neuroimagerie translationnelles" (LN2T), headed by Pr. Xavier De Tiège, is part of the ULB Neuroscience Institute (UNI) of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The LN2T develops translational human neuroscience research at the ULB Neuroscience Institute. Under this framework, it translates neuroimaging research performed in healthy individuals into methods allowing to investigate the pathophysiology of brain disorders and to contribute to patients' clinical management. The main fields of research are language, sensorimotor processes, learning/memory, and spontaneous cognition (i.e., the so-called « resting » state). The brain disorders of interest range from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, central auditory disorders, to cognitive impairments of various origins. We develop methods to investigate human brain function from fetuses to elders, with interests in developmental and aging studies.
Any researcher willing to use neuroimaging to better understand the neural processes involved in major human brain functions or brain disorders may be interested by LN2T research activities.
The LN2T is a multidisciplinary laboratory comprising medical doctors (mainly neurologists), physicists, engineers, biologists and neuropsychologists. This multidisciplinary environment provides valuable scientific discussions on research projects and experimental set up. Moreover, the laboratory offers a strong expertise in human neuroimaging data acquisition and signal processing. The LN2T benefits from the ULB Human Functional Neuroimaging platform (Director: Pr. Xavier De Tiège), which includes a cryogenic magnetoencephalography (MEG), a novel generation of wearable MEG based on optically pumped magnetometers (OPMs), a high-density electroencephalography (hdEEG, 256 channels) compatible with the MEG environment, a hybrid positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance imaging (PET-MR, 3 Tesla MRI) system and one EEG (32 channels) compatible with the MRI environment (EEG-fMRI).
Members of the LN2T are also highly involved in the teaching of neuroanatomy, neuroimaging, neuroscience and physics at the ULB.

ULB Human Functional Neuroimaging Platform

Heads of unit

Xavier De Tiège

Professor, LN2T Director

Methods Group

Nicola Trotta

Technical Manager (PET)

Antonin Rovai

Technical Manager (MR)

Vincent Wens

Technical Manager (MEG-OPMs-EEG)

Faculty members

Julie Bertels


Mathieu Bourguignon


Gil Leurquin-Sterk


Alison Mary

FNRS Chercheur qualifié

Gilles Naeije


Charline Urbain


Marc Vander Ghinst


Amandine Van Rinsveld

FNRS Chercheur qualifié

Post-Doc. Researchers

Chiara Capparini

Pierre Corvilain

Raquel Fernandez

Cathy Marlair

Ph.D. students

Anthony Beuel

Alix Cordier

Virgine Destrebecq

Alexandru Dumitrescu

Caroline Déom

Sophie Elands

Odile Feys

Laureline Fourdin

Soléane Gander

Sara Goffinet

Sophie Henrard

Jeromy Hrabovecky

Maxime Niesen

Linda Piermatti

Ioana-Sabina Rautu

Liliia Roshchupkina

Coralie Rouge

Alexandra Russarollo

Lise Tombroff

Thibault Vanbutsele


Nicolas Coquelet

Florian Destoky

Juliane Farthouat

Sophie Galer

Serge Goldman

Former LN2T Director

Carlos Guerrero-Mosquera

Rachel Leproult

Gustavo Lucena Gomez

Anna Peiffer

Delphine Puttaert

Martin Sjøgård

Charlotte Spanoghe

Dorine Van Dyck


You will find hereunder a non-exhaustive selection of our publications grouped by main LN2T research fields. They should give you a good idea of the research activities developed at our lab.


Cortical tracking of lexical speech units in a multi-talker background is immature in school-aged children
Niesen M, Bourguignon M, Bertels J, Vander Ghinst M, Wens V, Goldman S & De Tiège X. Neuroimage. 2023;265:119770.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Neurodevelopmental oscillatory basis of speech processing in noise
Bertels J, Niesen M, Destoky F, Coolen T, Vander Ghinst M, Wens V, Rovai A, Trotta N, Baart M, Molinaro N, De Tiège X & Bourguignon M. Dev Cogn Neurosci. 2023;59:101181.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Measuring the cortical tracking of speech with optically-pumped magnetometers
de Lange P, Boto E, Holmes N, Hill R M, Bowtell R, Wens V, De Tiège X, Brookes M J & Bourguignon M. Neuroimage. 2021;233:117969.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Neocortical activity tracks the hierarchical linguistic structures of self-produced speech during reading aloud
Bourguignon M, Molinaro N, Lizarazu M, Taulu S, Jousmäki V, Lallier M, Carreiras M & De Tiège X. Neuroimage. 2020;216:116788.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Cortical tracking of speech-in-noise develops from childhood to adulthood
Vander Ghinst M, Bourguignon M, Niesen M, Wens V, Hassid S, Choufani G, Jousmäki V, Hari R, Goldman S & De Tiège X. J Neurosci. 2019; 39(15):2938-2950.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Left superior temporal gyrus is coupled to attended speech in a cocktail-party auditory scene
Vander Ghinst M, Bourguignon M, Op de Beeck M, Wens V, Marty B, Hassid S, Choufani G, Jousmäki V, Hari R, Van Bogaert P, Goldman S & De Tiège X. J Neurosci. 2016;36(5):1596-606.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed


Sensorimotor functions

Coupling between human brain activity and body movements: Insights from non-invasive electromagnetic recordings
Bourguignon M, Jousmäki V, Dalal S S, Jerbi K & De Tiège X. Neuroimage. 2019;203:116177.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Multilevel cortical processing of somatosensory novelty: a magnetoencephalography study
Naeije G, Vaulet T, Wens V, Marty B, Goldman S & De Tiège X. Front Hum Neurosci. 2016;10:259.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed


Learning and memory

Automatic Processing of Numerosity in Human Neocortex Evidenced by Occipital and Parietal Neuromagnetic Responses
Van Rinsveld A, Wens V, Guillaume M, Beuel A, Gevers W, De Tiège X & Content A. Cereb Cortex Comm. 2021;2:tgab028.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Resting-state functional brain connectivity is related to subsequent procedural learning skills in school-aged children
Van Dyck D, Deconinck N, Aeby A, Baijot S, Coquelet N, Trotta N, Rovai A, Goldman S, Urbain C, Wens V & De Tiège X. Neuroimage. 2021;240:118368.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Resting-state functional connectivity is an age-dependent predictor of motor learning abilities
Mary A, Wens V, Op de Beeck M, Leproult R, De Tiège X & Peigneux P. Cereb Cortex. 2017;27(10):4923-4932.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Age-related differences in practice-dependent resting-state functional connectivity related to motor sequence learning
Mary A, Wens V, Op de Beeck M, Leproult R, De Tiège X & Peigneux P. Hum Brain Mapp. 2017; 38(2):923-937.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Sleep in children triggers rapid reorganization of memory-related brain processes
Urbain C, De Tiège X, Op de Beeck M, Bourguignon M, Wens V, Verheulpen D, Van Bogaert P & Peigneux P. Neuroimage. 2016;134:213-222.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed


Spontanenous cognition/resting state

Changes in electrophysiological static and dynamic human brain functional architecture from childhood to late adulthood
Coquelet N, Wens V, Mary A, Niesen M, Puttaert D, Ranzini M, Vander Ghinst M, Bourguignon M, Peigneux P, Goldman S, Woolrich M & De Tiège X. Sci Rep. 2020;10(1):18986.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Synchrony, metastability, dynamic integration, and competition in the spontaneous functional connectivity of the human brain
Wens V, Bourguignon M, Vander Ghinst M, Mary A, Marty B, Coquelet N, Naeije G, Peigneux P, Goldman S & De Tiège X. Neuroimage. 2019;199:313-324.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Neurometabolic resting-state networks derived from seed-based functional connectivity analysis
Trotta N, Baete K, Laere K V, Goldman S, De Tiège X & Wens V. J Nucl Med. 2018;59(10):1642-1643.

Link to Pudmed

Functional integration changes in regional brain glucose metabolism from childhood to adulthood
Trotta N, Archambaud F, Goldman S, Baete K, Van Laere K, Wens V, Van Bogaert P, Chiron C & De Tiège X. Hum Brain Mapp. 2016;37(8):3017-3030.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed



Microstates and power envelope hidden Markov modeling probe bursting brain activity at different timescales
Coquelet N, De Tiège X, Roshchupkina L, Peigneux P, Goldman S, Woolrich M & Wens V. Neuroimage. 2022;247:118850.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Comparing MEG and high-density EEG for intrinsic functional connectivity mapping
Coquelet N, De Tiège X, Destoky F, Roshchupkina L, Bourguignon M, Goldman S, Peigneux P & Wens V. Neuroimage. 2020;210:116556.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Do the posterior midline cortices belong to the electrophysiological default-mode network?
Sjøgård M, De Tiège X, Mary A, Peigneux P, Goldman S, Nagels G, van Schependom J, Quinn A J, Woolrich M W & Wens V. Neuroimage. 2019;200:221-230.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Contrasting functional imaging parametric maps: The mislocation problem and alternative solutions
Bourguignon M, Molinaro N & Wens V. Neuroimage. 2018;169:200-211.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

A geometric correction scheme for spatial leakage effects in MEG/EEG seed-based functional connectivity mapping
Wens V, Marty B, Mary A, Bourguignon M, Op de Beeck M, Goldman S, Van Bogaert P, Peigneux P & De Tiège X. Hum Brain Mapp. 2015;36(11):4604-21.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Investigating complex networks with inverse models: analytical aspects of spatial leakage and connectivity estimation
Wens V. Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys. 2015;91(1):012823.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed


Brain disorders

Recording of Ictal Epileptic Activity Using on-Scalp Magnetoencephalography
Feys O, Corvilain P, Van Hecke A, Sculier C, Rikir E, Legros B, Gaspard N, Leurquin-Sterk G, Holmes N, Brookes M, Goldman S, Wens V & De Tiège X. Ann Neurol. 2023;93:419-412.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

On-Scalp Optically Pumped Magnetometers versus Cryogenic Magnetoencephalography for Diagnostic Evaluation of Epilepsy in School-aged Children
Feys O, Corvilain P, Aeby A, Sculier C, Holmes N, Brookes M, Goldman S, Wens V & De Tiège X. Radiology. 2022; 304(3):429-434.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Brain dysconnectivity relates to disability and cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis
Sjøgård M, Wens V, Van Schependom J, Costers L, D'hooghe M, D'haeseleer M, Woolrich M, Goldman S, Nagels G & De Tiège X. Hum Brain Mapp. 2021;42(3):626-643.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Decreased alpha peak frequency is linked to episodic memory impairment in pathological aging
Puttaert D, Wens V, Fery P, Rovai A, Trotta N, Coquelet N, De Breucker S, Sadeghi N, Coolen T, Goldman S, Peigneux P, Bier J C & De Tiège X. Front Aging Neurosci. 2021;13:711375.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Inaccurate cortical tracking of speech in adults with impaired speech perception in noise
Vander Ghinst M, Bourguignon M, Wens V, Naeije G, Ducène C, Niesen M, Hassid S, Choufani G, Goldman S & De Tiège X. Brain Commun. 2021;3(3):fcab186.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Atypical resting-state functional brain connectivity in children with developmental coordination disorder
Van Dyck D, Deconinck N, Aeby A, Baijot S, Coquelet N, Trotta N, Rovai A, Goldman S, Urbain C, Wens V & De Tiège X. Neuroimage Clin. 2021;33:102928.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Early postmortem brain MRI findings in COVID-19 non-survivors
Coolen T, Lolli V, Sadeghi N, Rovai A, Trotta N, Taccone FS, Creteur J, Henrard S, Goffard J C, Dewitte O, Naeije G, Goldman S & De Tiège X. Neurology. 2020;95(14):e2016-e2027

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Evidence for genetically determined degeneration of p roprioceptive tracts in Friedreich ataxia
Marty B, Naeije G, Bourguignon M, Wens V, Jousmäki V, Lynch D R, Gaetz W, Goldman S, Hari R, Pandolfo M & De Tiège X. Neurology. 2019;93(2):e116-e124.

Abstract | Link to Pudmed

Clinical added value of magnetic source imaging in the presurgical evaluation of refractory focal epilepsy
De Tiège X, Carrette E, Legros B, Vonck K, Op de Beeck M, Bourguignon M, Massager N, David P, Van Roost D, Meurs A, Lapere S, Deblaere K, Goldman S, Boon P & Van Bogaert P. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2012;83(4):417-23.

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